Sleepy, slow morning….

Sleepy, slow morning. Woke up at 6:50, which is almost an hour later than Anand usually climbs into my bed. Luxurious. At last night's Guest of Honor reading at A Room of One's Own (truly awesome Madison bookstore), picked up a 20th anniversary edition of Hiromi Goto's _Chorus of Mushrooms_, which has been on my to-read list forever, since I love _The Kappa Child_ and _Half World_ so. (I teach the latter in my writers of color in SF/F class.)

Started reading Chorus this morning, with a brief break at 8-ish for a nice breakfast with Alex Gurevich, Meghan McCarron, and David Edison, where we discussed David's brand-new book (The Waking Engine, just out from Tor) and the problems of the mid-career writer. Which David isn't yet, but apparently, he's a man who likes to plan.

I'm halfway through Chorus now (enjoying it thoroughly, of course), have come back to the room and climbed back into bed, and am hoping to finish it before my 2:30 panel discussing class in her work. This is as down-to-the-wire as my panel prep has ever been, I think, but on the plus side, I have nothing to do for the next five hours but read. Okay, at noon I have to go move my 95 samosas out of the Con Suite fridge (thanks again, Con Suite -- you saved us all from possible food poisoning!), but aside from that, nothing to do but read. Unutterable luxury. I can't even.

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