I have had three or four…

I have had three or four people already this WisCon come up to me somewhat hesitantly and say that they really wanted to talk to me, but were afraid to. I am not that scary, I swear! If I am deep in conversation with what look like close friends, leaning in, in a closed circle, then perhaps best to leave me alone in that moment. Or if I am hiding in my room! But if I am just hanging in the lounge, or the ConSuite, or if you catch me after a panel, please do feel free to come up and say hi.

And please, if we've met before and I don't seem to remember who you are, remind me? My memory for faces is getting worse and worse as I age, and I'm really starting to need help matching them to names. If you can say something like, "We met at FogCon last year and we talked about armadillos," that would be very helpful, and it will usually spark the memory buried in my aging brain. Assuming we actually did meet at FogCon and that we did talk about armadillos. If we didn't, that would just be confusing.

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