Tiny victories. I went…

Tiny victories. I went to buy a swimsuit today. I do have a perfectly serviceable black one-piece sport-style swimsuit that I use on the rare occasions I actually swim laps at the gym (I would do it more, because I enjoy it, but time, time, time, that is the problem), but when you are going to Orlando, a perfectly serviceable black one-piece just seems a bit sad, you know? So I went to buy something at least a bit more colorful, and I thought, hey, I have never worn a bikini, and what is up with that, and I call myself a body-positive feminist type, and maybe it is time to get over myself and just buy a bikini and maybe even wear it out in public.

And I so I tried on approximately gazillion suits (some bikini, some not) and I learned some things about what I like on me. Interestingly, bandeau-style tops are my friends; I had no idea. Essentially like the one in this picture, though as you can imagine, I look nothing like her (http://www.hapari.com/product_images/u/702/2012-su-BoardwalkBandeauBikini-Sapphire__31096_zoom.jpg). Much better for my body than the skimpy little triangle style.

And a sales clerk suggested I try boy shorts instead of bikini bottoms, and while Kat and Kevin are both dubious, I really like them. So I ended up buying a bikini top, and a boy short bottom. What the hell. And then, because I am not foolish, I also bought a tankini top because I am not at all sure I am ready to wear the bikini top in public. Because there is no denying that two children and quite a lot of delicious food have left me with a decided generosity in the midsection. And it has been a long winter here in Chicago.

But y'know -- I actually tried on, and then bought, a bikini top. Holding out the distinct possibility that I might wear it in public in the near(ish) future. I am calling that a victory.

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