Packing reading for…

Packing reading for trip: Nicola Griffith's _Hild_, the latest issue of _Ploughshares_, Mohsin Hamid's _The Reluctant Fundamentalist_, the latest issue of _The English Garden_, Judith Tarr's _White Mare's Daughter_, and _The Cage: The Fight for Sri Lanka & the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers_. I am planning to get through all of those. Back-up reading on the Kindle includes David J. Schwartz's _Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic_, Cherie Priest's _Clementine_, and Alaya Johnson's _The Summer Prince_.

I think that is sufficiently eclectic. I am almost as excited about having time to read in the next five days at ICFA as I am about the sunshine, swimming, and daiquiris. I am such a geek.

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