I admit to being a bit…

I admit to being a bit astonished by some of these icicles on my house. I don't know how clear the scale is, but some of them are at least three feet long, maybe four. Pretty awesome.

My creative writing students are required to hand in their stories a week in advance of being critiqued, so everyone has plenty of time to read and write thoughtful responses. If they hand them out late, they need to bring snacks to class the next day, in apology. I had to take a photo of these -- the first student to be late this semester brought in homemade vanilla chai cupcakes, and they were DELICIOUS. Better than some I've had from cupcake shops. She has set the bar ridiculously high -- usually we're handing around a bag of drugstore chocolate or a bag of potato chips. But no one was complaining. :-)

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