So I have this folder on…

So I have this folder on my laptop. It is a massive folder, quite full, entitled "Current Writing Projects". I stuff things in there, barely started things, half-written things, almost finished things, things that are actually done and just need to be sent out. I haven't opened this folder in over a month. Maybe two months. Maybe three? Ugh. I am sorting this folder now, and once I am done sorting, I am going to turn off Facebook for a few hours and write, with the goal of getting at least one thing finished and sent out.

So if you're wondering why I am not obsessively posting about SFWA this morning, that's why. Because writers write. I just ran across David Brin being dismissive of those who favor the new Bulletin policy (of, y'know, not embarrassing the organization with sexist, racist drivel) because he thinks those who favor that policy are just a bunch of 'marginal' writers.

If I visualize every piece I publish as a tiny nail driven into that coffin, you'll forgive me, yes? We all need our motivational tools.

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