I admit, I was a little…

I admit, I was a little cranky about driving 45 min. each way to CapriCon just for one panel. Have too much work to do today to attend much more of the last day of the convention. But I had an excellent panel with Mary Robinette Kowal (where we read from our work and then talked about the historical research that informed said work -- really, a fascinating conversation, if I do say so myself).

And then I showed Kavi around her first real convention (given that she doesn't remember being one year old at WisCon), and she was intrigued. Storytelling + cookies (apparently, she ate 5! of them), followed by fancy hair-braiding, followed by Legos, then I took her around the art show, then the dealer's room, where we found a nice little treasure box for her. She seems to approve of conventions. Now back home to work more, but it was a pleasant interlude in the day.

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