I rather desperately…

I rather desperately want to be doing valentine crafting right now. I know exactly where this impulse comes from. It is too much snow on my back deck, too many weeks (months??) until the snowdrops appear, too long without gardening. I want to be outside in the warm, digging in the dirt, but it's not time for that yet.

What is there to do in the dead days of February? Celebrating Valentine's Day at least breaks up the drear monotony, and one side benefit of children is that they give one a good excuse for decorating the house. I would normally be planning a Valentine's tea party around now as well, but I think we're going to give that a pass this year, because Kevin's mom and sister and sister's kids will be visiting us this coming weekend, and that is enough excitement for anyone, I think.

And I am still recovering from this cold (almost all better, but not quite!), and I have convention again today, and after convention, about four hours of work I need to do putting together our program newsletter, so crafting will likely not happen yet. And before crafting must be recover-from-sick-cleaning, because crafting in a messy house is not fun for me -- it's just stressful.

But the cleaning will happen, and then I have a little list of v. simple crafts to try and v. silly dishes to cook for the kids; at least one or two of those should get squeezed in by Friday. It's not the same as mucking about in a warm, wet garden, but it will have to do.

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