I think I have actually…

I think I have actually finished all the time-critical and belated tasks necessary to re-releasing my first book as an ebook through Book View Caf next Tuesday. I keep wanting to pull it back. I wrote this twenty years ago! I cry. Can't I just hide it in a basement somewhere? And yet, people tell me they actually want to read it. The world is a confusing place. Ah well -- I can bear to re-read the poetry again, at least. Some of it. Maybe it is just that it is the dead of winter, and I am longing for spring.

Unabashed Paean

Daily new crocuses push their way through the moist soil, and
A fall of ivory petals sheathes the swooping vine-like
Feathered branches of the old tree along the walk. Song
Fills my throat and aches to burst free; villanelles and
Odes dance in my brain, whispering, chanting spring.
Do you feel it, my dears? Do you feel the blood racing
Its sudden course? If you do, you will find a sweet body and
Lay yourselves down in the grass amid crushed daffodils,
Singing silently with every inch of sun-touched skin.

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