I feel like I could…

I feel like I could write a really good essay about drowning in e-mail -- how failure to answer e-mail promptly has affected me personally, including my relationships with friends I'm in business with, my professionalism as seen by colleagues, etc. -- and also how it seems to be a growing issue societally. Before this year, keeping up with my e-mail was never an issue -- this is the year where I've had to take serious measures to stay semi in-control of it, and even so, it's a frequent source of anxiety / distress.

And the next generation seems to mostly not use it all, because they get so very much of it, and don't see its value, and it makes me wonder what the business communication of that generation will look like. Will we go back to post-it notes and phone calls? Will people live in isolated Facebook group citadels and only speak to others within that same citadel?

Are we in for a total e-mail breakdown?

It would be a fascinating essay, but I don't have time to write it right now because I am too behind on my e-mail.

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