International day at…

International day at Kavi's school -- fashion show and potluck. The kids had a blast, esp. at the end-of-event dance party. I was a little exhausted, but still had fun, and glad we did it. Next year, will watch the calendar more carefully and not schedule hosting a meeting on the same day!

My sari was what I wore as a matron-of-honor in my sister's wedding, and got many compliments, so thank, sis!

Kavi's outfit, I think a friend (Minal?) maybe have passed on to us. Can't quite remember. But Kavi loves it, and hasn't wanted to take it off. She tried it on Friday night, and we had to talk her into changing out of it for bed, she put it on Saturday morning and wore it all day, and again, we had to talk her into changing out of it for bed, and she is planning to wear it again all day today. It has a lot of sparkles, you see. She really approves.

If the road to my daughter claiming and embracing her ethnic heritage is paved with sparkles, I can live with that. 

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