A few photos from the…

A few photos from the last couple of days. We celebrated Alex's half-birthday

Surreal winter moments. Our house as seen from inside the garage, through a frost-patterned window. The backyard of abandoned toys -- no, not put away properly before the snow came -- offers its own strange poetry.

Kavya builds her first snowman. I tried just photographing it alone at first, but then I thought I'd best put her in the photo, so you could properly appreciate the *scale* of her accomplishment. She was ridiculously, charmingly, proud. :-)

There was one gingerbread house we didn't get around to making at Christmas, so it seemed like a good grandparent-visit activity. It turns out that Kevin's mom, Ann, is remarkably good at herding littles into assembling a house that actually looks like a house. (Unlike my sad attempts.) One key seems to be not allowing Anand to just eat handfuls of candy as he desires. You may notice that he is not pictured below. :-)

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