Came down with Kavi to…

Came down with Kavi to find the other three kids huddled together under a blue dragon blanket, waiting for breakfast. I'm not sure I ever explained why we have so many children in the house -- my friend Kat and her kids are thinking of moving to Chicagoland (yay!) and maybe even Oak Park (double yay!), and are visiting us for a few weeks while they consider their options in the area. I'm going to take Kat to check out a preschool today, and to tour Kavi's school. If anyone knows of two-bedroom apartments for rent in Oak Park, drop me a line. :-)

Also, if anyone is looking for a skilled editor (fiction / nonfiction) or tech writer, Kat's available for short-term or long-term work; she needs to work from home for the next six months. (The kids will both be old enough for school in the fall.) She edited my memoir for me and gave terrific and thorough feedback; I recommend her unto you for your various projects.

But anyway, while it is occasionally quite loud having four children in the house, my kids seem to quite like having constant playmates. Alex (Kat's 4-year-old daughter) tends to follow Kavi around -- right now, the two girls have gone off to the dining room to have their oatmeal breakfast with milk to drink, while they watch My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. The boys have stayed in the kitchen, eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches, drinking water, and watching Angry Birds videos on YouTube. It is not always (or even often) that clearly gender-divided! Kind of funny when it is.

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