Captain’s Log, stardate…

Captain's Log, stardate -308982. I appear to be trapped on a strange orchidoferous planet; the transporter cannot penetrate these glass-like barriers. Spock has gone to search for assistance, but I fear that he may have been swallowed by a giant kalanchoe. Nonetheless, I am reasonably content; it is warm and humid inside these walls, and the air feels pleasant on my miniskirted legs. Please send a note to Starfleet Command that I approve of their new captains' uniforms. I come in peace. I come in peace. I come in peace.

Jed had a mini-Mary Anne made in captain's uniform for a present, though you can't see the captain's bars due to my non-regulation hairstyle. Well, perhaps I'm off-duty. :-) No doubt I pin it up (or braid it!) most of the time.

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