Was in another…

Was in another conversation recently, and someone referred to how women feel The Guilt about leaving their kids to go work, and I noted that not all women feel The Guilt, because I pretty much never did -- if my kids are being well cared for by someone, that's all I need. And I suddenly realized that I also never felt much of The Shame, hence all the erotica-writing in my 20s and dating whom I wanted and such.

All of which makes me feel a little bit odd, as if some standard social programming got left out of me somehow. I don't think I'm borderline sociopathic or anything.

I justhave a high level of confidence in my own judgement of my behavior and its appropriateness. Is this linked to my testing ENTJ / ENFJ on Myers-Briggs? (Recommended career paths: military general or charismatic religious leader.) I think it's all basically good, being very certain of oneself. But stillmaybe worth keeping an eye on too! :-)

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