There was no hyggeligt…

There was no hyggeligt today -- just frantic. (Someday soon, I'm going to have a Dane coming and telling me that I am conjugating their word totally wrong, and I'm not allowed to keep using it until I learn Danish.) Oh, wait -- that's wrong. I made the shortbread cookies early this morning, which was nice -- I wasn't feeling frantic at that point, so I interspersed my work with baking, which is pleasant. And then Jed did take me out for sushi lunch, and we talked about our current writing projects, so half an hour of hygging with Jed. Which is not to be sneered at.

The rest of the morning was frantic work, the afternoon was frantic grading, intermixed with runs to various stores, post office, etc. Now, I am going to EAT SOMETHING. And then, if Jed isn't being driven too crazy by the children, I may go and hide for half an hour and watch the rest of Sherlock season 2, episode 3, which I got halfway through in the middle of the night last night, when Kavya woke me up at 3 a.m. for a nightmare, and then I couldn't get back to sleep for a long time. Children. Work. Christmas. I love it, and I even love rushing around and finding gifts and shipping them off and imagining people's faces when they open them. But more hyggeligt, please.

Tomorrow, backlogged e-mail, esp. the launch stuff for Torn Shapes at BVC. If that all goes well, I am hoping to take Jed and Kavya off to see Frozen at 2:20. THAT will be very hyggish. (Okay, I am pretty sure that last conjugation is totally wrong.)

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