Some friends were going…

Some friends were going to come by tonight, but the roads aren't clear due to snow. Ah well -- we'll see them again soon, and the kids seem kind of tired anyway after all our grocery store tromping about, so I think it's fine. Have started holiday baking -- a big batch of sugar cookie dough is chilling, getting ready for cutting out, and chocolate for peppermint truffles ditto. I'll roll out the latter with the kids whenever they start getting restless; that should hold them.

Not sure how this batch will come out -- I used whatever chips were leftover in the pantry, and I suspect they'll be too sweet. But if it's halfway decent, I'll redo it for holiday gifts with bittersweet chocolate, which should be more to grown-up tastes. :-) Now I'm going to take advantage of the kids' distraction to watch Dracula -- I should do actual work, but am having a really hard time focusing on it when I know they could interrupt me at any moment. They go back to school tomorrow -- soon enough, I think.

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