I kind of want to write…

I kind of want to write a short story that comes right after the end of _The Stars Change_, where a family member comes to pick up the remains of a character who died, and ends up interacting with some characters from the book. (Sorry if this is confusing; am trying to avoid spoilers for those who haven't read it.)

Am sort of worried that it is too much like the epilogue to´┐Żoh, I can't even remember which book it is. The Bujold story where the woman is collecting dead bodies from space after the battle.

Fret fret.

Also am wonder if it is possible to have someone eat even a little bit of a dead friend or relative without immediately summoning up Valentine Michael Smith.

Anxiety of influence, for the win!

1 thought on “I kind of want to write…”

  1. That would definitely evoke Valentine Michael Smith.

    My only complaint about _The Stars Change_ is that it is too short. I really want to spend more time with these characters, whether before or after the events in the book. Therefore, anything you write about them will be most welcome, whether prologue, epilogue, outtakes, or anything else!

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