Kavya is making her…

Kavya is making her first Christmas wish list. It's pretty hilarious. She's putting on things like: "glitter glue" and "white paper" and "snow boots." I think she has not quite got the hang of the rampant consumerism quite yet.

Although she does also have "money" on her list. Kavi has about twenty dollars in change in her elephant bank at this point (mostly tooth fairy money), but when we ask her why she wants more money, she says that she wants to be able to buy things. What things, she does not know. Just things. Someday.

1 thought on “Kavya is making her…”

  1. Ha! We got “stack of paper” from the new six-year-old too. Also, “love” (think she was trying to be non materialistic there). We suggested that she not list stuff that she gets anyway. If “love” had appeared again it would have been quite sad!

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