Still recuperating, but…

Still recuperating, but better. Working at home today, and still a lot of catch-up to do. So far today I've fed myself (leftover vinegary tamarind spicy pork curry, yum). Plans (and no, this almost certainly won't all get done today, but if I list it now, I can spill it over to Friday, when I'll be home in the morning).

  • empty and refill dishwasher and run it and empty it again (we were both too tired last night, and now I have a sink full of dirty dishes which is not the way I like to wake up, sigh) -- DONE
  • feed children and get them to school -- DONE
  • send FogCon check to Sonya (the SLF serves as fiscal sponsor for FogCon, so donations to them are tax-deductible) -- DONE
  • clear out trash on front porch (gardening stuff) and organize for winter -- DONE
  • finish ASAM work -- DONE
  • grade various small exercises and prep for tomorrow's classes (send out Ted Chiang materials!) -- DONE

Okay, now I'm feeling overwhelmed. I could ditch it all and lie in bed re-reading Tamora Pierce novels instead.

I don't know how people with 9-5 jobs + commuting cope with the rest of their lives, I really don't. All sympathies to you!

6:30 update: I have a sudden urge to commission an illustrator to do a sketch of an eight-armed version of me -- calendar in one hand, list in another, a child clutched to my side, a book in a fourth hand, a gardening trowel, a laptop and cup of tea precariously perched -- that's only seven hands, but perhaps the eighth will simply wipe the sweat from my brow, and above my head, a banner unfurls with an Allie Brosh-like battle-cry, "Do ALL the things!!!"

9:30 update: I was having trouble motivating to get anything done. So I changed out of my sweats into jeans and a dark grey hooded sweater that makes me feel like a winter elf, ready to do battle with a mountain of chores. Oddly, it helps. I will be swift and mighty, like the night. I know that makes no sense. And yet, it works.

2 thoughts on “Still recuperating, but…”

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  2. Yeah, well… I try to convince myself that I’m battling the Forces of Chaos and Entropy, but it’s actually washing dishes and clearing off the desk (like that’s possible; the desk is where chaos lives!).

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