More to-do list, sorry…

More to-do list, sorry it's boring:

  • finish front yard clean-up
  • pot three amaryllis, two Christmas cacti, and water all indoor plants
  • digitize Kriti tapes and send to Mark for editing
  • assemble basement shelving and load up (at least 1 of 3)
  • revise grey essay and send in (30 min.)
  • put away six loads of laundry
  • answer outstanding e-mails re: Jaggery (mostly re: our new blog) (30 min.)
  • revise, schedule, and list class grant and diversity grants for the SLF -- we have the money, we have the jurors; I just need to get all the paperwork done. I'd like to have the class grant up and reading in December, if possible, and the diversity grant in January
  • read Skyler's book for interview exchange (TSC cross-promotion)
  • break down and take out recycling boxes
  • fill out BVC ISBN request sheet for Torn Shapes reissue in January; find BVC folks to do ebook formatting, etc. (take two)
  • write and mail Christmas cards

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