Ordered paperwhites,…

Ordered paperwhites, amaryllis, and some fresh greenery; it's that time of year. We'll be at my parents for a few weeks at Christmas, and I thought about skipping the fresh greens this year, but Christmas is more than a week or two; Christmas is a commitment. So yes, we'll be getting our own fresh tree again too. Hopefully our house sitters would mind refilling the water on the tree and spritzing the greens. And the paperwhites and amaryllis should be blooming into January, so it's all good. :-) Now if I have 24 paperwhites, and I want to stagger their planting, 6 each, planted every two weeks, should look nice, yes? Which should translates to two months of blooms, starting in late December. Perfect to help get through the Chicago winter; now, I just have to remember to stick to that schedule´┐Ż

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