For my 100-level women…

For my 100-level women and literature course, I think I can fit in about 2-3 weeks of science fiction towards the tail end. I'm thinking classic 70s feminist SF, mostly. This is what I have so far -- if you were going to add just one more text, what would you add?

- James Tiptree, Jr., �Houston, Houston, Do You Read?� and �The Women Men Don�t See�
- Joanna Russ, �How to Suppress Women�s Writing,� and The Female Man or The Adventures of Alyx
- Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

Yes, I realize this is an impossible question.

1 thought on “For my 100-level women…”

  1. Oh, that’s a tough one.

    Tiptree, I think, though those two are similar enough in tone that I’d switch out one of them. Maybe sub in “Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death” or “The Screwfly Solution” for “Houston, Houston, Do You Read”? Or “Her Smoke Rose Up Forever” for “The Women Men Don’t See”?

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