ASAM and ASST website…

ASAM and ASST website updates done -- I think we're actually ready to unveil the new websites on Monday, on schedule. Oof. Sitefinity is not my favorite web design program ever. (Also not the worst ever.) Really annoying on layout, mostly.

Last ASAM task is to put together a slideshow highlighting program accomplishments. I would try to work on it now, but I fear the entire slideshow would just be me saying, "Hey, we're great! Look at us! Aren't our students totally adorable??"

I'm guessing that's not what the boss lady has in mind. Better sleep on it and come back with a clear head tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow -- do that, research and narrow down a design for Jaggery, dig weeds, plant bulbs. If I don't slack off, and if the children cooperate, it can all be done. We'll see!

(Next weekend, I plan to sleep straight through.)

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