This is the scarf that…

This is the scarf that would not end. When my children go off to college, I will be knitting this scarf. When tiny saplings are mighty oaks, I will be knitting this scarf. When I am racing down the dark side of 80, I will be knitting this scarf. When the mountains crumble and the seas boil and the stars begin to go out with a last, shuddering wail of exhausted fury, I will be knitting this scarf.

Or at least that's how it feels right now. Started in 2010. Picked up again in 2012. Picked up again a few weeks ago, and now, finally, today, I have reached the halfway point, and may start decreasing the long triangle instead of increasing. Perhaps that will offer some small sop to my despair.

And if I ever, ever, ever again decide to knit a scarf in 437 yards (400 meters) of sport-weight yarn, the entire internet has permission to whap me upside the head.

Baktus pattern, in Kauni Effektgarn wool. Kavi tried it on, excited by the rainbow color, but complained that it was scratchy. Yes, yes it is.

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