Sick. Sick sick sick,…

Sick. Sick sick sick, dangit. I thought Anand and I were over our colds (which so far, K&K haven't caught), but yesterday afternoon, his preschool sent him home with a fever, which means he's also home today, and I started coughing last night and couldn't stop long enough to fall asleep until the NyQuil finally kicked in, and this morning, all scratchy throat. Argh. Plan for today: tuck the kids into our bed, have them watch as much tv as they can stand, while I try to lie still and read.

I am trying to be grateful that at least this is happening at a time when I CAN just stay in bed, mostly, but I had PLANS for this week, people. Serious writing plans. Sorting through boxes plans. Book cover designing plans. Woodland plant getting and planting plans. Furious e-mail-dealing-with plans. Well, maybe I can manage the last, at least.

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