I am forty-two today,…

I am forty-two
today, but in my head, I
can't be more than ten.


Not doing so much birthday stuff today; the party is tomorrow. Today is mostly for heavy-duty yardwork, e-mail answering, and errands. And collecting well-wishes on Facebook. :-)

But I have scheduled a birthday phone call this morning with Karina in Australia, which will be lovely, and Jed is arriving for a weekend visit tonight, and tomorrow, we will have a party with fire spinning, board games, children, and cake. Which all sounds pretty perfect.

Actually, so is the rest of my life. There were some miserably weepy years in my twenties and thirties, but lately, it's been mostly sunshine and roses around here. You know how sometimes, you're kind of afraid to admit out loud how happy you are, because it's like inviting the gods to smite you? Like that.

No smiting, gods, okay? It's my birthday!

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