This morning, Anand has…

This morning, Anand has taken three of his Angry Bird stuffed piggies, along with a stuffed dragon, out on the back porch, asked me to close the door, and is now enacting some elaborate stories with them. (Kavya is still sleeping. She likes to sleep almost as much as Kevin does.) I made him pause long enough so I could snatch a few pics, but now he's back at it again.

Anand's modelling for you a Totoro t-shirt, (I don't remember the name of it, but it has a bunch of Miyazaki characters all waiting for the catbus, and YES, I'm sorry I didn't buy one for myself, what was I thinking???), which I got for Kevin, but it didn't fit great. Luckily, Anand immediately claimed it because he was jealous of Kavi's Totoro (the one that's a blend of Totoro and Hello Kitty) nightgown. So now they both have Totoro nightgowns, and all is well.

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