I know some people think…

I know some people think spiderwort (tradescantia) is a weed, but I think it's just lovely. I have one clump of it blooming in a sub-optimal location; it just showed up last year. I meant to try to move it, but forgot. Anyone know whether it will likely survive moving, and if so, whether I need to wait 'til fall?

(Waiting 'til fall runs the risk of my not doing it at all, since in fall, the semester gets busy and gardening tasks get seriously neglected.)

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  1. My rule is don’t transplant a plant until(1) after it is done blooming (unless you are way early in the season and blooms haven’t come close to setting)and (2) it isn’t going to be hot for at least a week. Plants don’t like to be transplanted when it is really hot. So wait for a rainy week after blooming and transplant. Waiting for the proper time will net a higher % of success but a much lower likelihood of actually transplanting, in my experience 🙂

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