So everyone’s like,…

So everyone's like, "Hey, Mary Anne, what the hell happened to Jaggery?" And the answer is MASSIVE technical difficulties, on multiple fronts. Argh. ARGH. This is reminiscent of when my webmaster on Strange Horizons (or was it Clean Sheets? I can't remember now) quit a few days before launch, and I stayed awake for a few nights desperately teaching myself enough HTML that we could launch on time. I am older now, and more easily frustrated into submission, and we hadn't actually set a formal launch date yet, so this problem has lingered a bit.

But I think Jed has FINALLY sorted out my google groups issues (yes, he does babysitting, yardwork, breaking down of boxes, AND tech support -- a true Renaissance man), and Jaggery now has a functional staff mailing list, which was the first necessary step. The old list, for some bizarre reason, wouldn't recognize me as the owner and wouldn't give me access to all kinds of critical stuff, argh, it made me feel incredibly dumb, but Jed assures me that it was NOT MY FAULT, which is some consolation.

There is one more technical issue to sort out, but I need more tea before I can face. I am hopeful that we will fix it today, though, and if we do, I am planning to send out the call for submissions tomorrow, June 1st. With an open reading period of one month, so do start pondering what you might want to submit. (Writings by South Asians / diaspora folks, or about South Asia / diaspora, though with some preference given to the former.)

Please prepare to promote the heck out of the call to all your networks. :-)

And to refresh your memory, here is my opening little editorial thingie on Jaggery.

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