Folks, tell me it’s not…

Folks, tell me it's not that hard to block-print cotton fabric so that the fabric is still comfy-feeling, and also washable? The one time I tried to block print fabric, it looked good, but felt stiff. Also, basic quilting isn't that hard, right? Because I just can't bring myself to spend $400 for a Les Indiennes twin quilt, but that's the look I'd love for Kavi's room, and I have some great Indian wood blocks I could use, presents from Karina. I'd love to do a gold and white print, similar to what they have at the link below; I think that could stand up to Kavi's Gypsy Pink walls, if anything could.

P.S. I'll note that I've looked at CostPlus, Saffron Marigold, John Robshaw, Anokhi, and various other places, and haven't found another block-printed quilt I like. Apparently I am ridiculously picky on this one.

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