One of the best parts of…

One of the best parts of my job is the ASAM Expo, where we celebrate the work our undergrads do in Asian American Studies, including the work of our grant recipients for creative and critical research. Yesterday was the Expo, and it went great -- 120 attendees, and some terrific presentations, along with several fascinating class exhibits. I was too busy running around doing tech support, moving tables, etc. to take a lot of photos, so I can't show you the awesome sociological research into Filipino immigrant food acculturation (John Capua), the intriguing stop-motion animated short film (Lisa Han), or the truly fabulous (and moving) queer basketball film (Vicky Tai).

But I do have a few pics from Lisa Patel's illustrated children's book teaching use of a common sari to fight cholera, aimed at often-illiterate villagers in rural India (seriously brilliant, MUST find a publisher), and Kim Navoa & Donnie Chang's re-envisioning of Disney princesses, featuring Asian models. SO PROUD of our awesome students. Can't wait to see what they do next, and looking forward to next fall's new crop of grant applications!

(pics reproduced with permission)

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