In line at Loews (where…

In line at Loews (where we'd stopped after the birthday party to pick up some birdseed and brackets for the birdfeeder):

Anand: Can I have some of THAT?? (pointing eagerly to shelves of chips and candy)

Me: No, it's junk. (Normally, I wouldn't be so firm on this, but they'd just had a lunch of pizza and cupcakes at the party.)


Luckily, he said that with a big grin on his face, and five seconds later, Anand was happily chatting about something else. Kavya, on the other hand, had a minor sulky meltdown at my refusal to buy her any of it either, even though she had asked very sweetly and politely, a sulk that lasted the full half hour car ride home.

I think this characterizes both of their personalities very well.

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