Simmering a tamarind…

Simmering a tamarind pork curry (dark and spicy), about to saut? up some cumin-sweet potatoes. Will serve it all with whole wheat naan and some coconut sambol.

Hey, it's March 1 -- the no white sugar, flour, potatoes thing went well in February, except when interrupted by travel/deaths/birthday parties. Generally, I think my energy levels are up, and the food I'm eating continues interesting and delicious, when I take the time to shop and cook appropriately.

Straight sugar makes me a bit nauseated now; I think my body is slowly adapting away from it. I've pretty much given up on snacking on added-sugar sweets, and don't miss it, although I may be consuming more dried and/or dehydrated mango than is good for me. :-)

I'm going to continue this in March -- if anyone else wants to join in for the month, do chime in. It's definitely both easier and more fun in a community!

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