Anand’s nose and cheeks…

Anand's nose and cheeks were BRIGHT red by the time we got to school today, a two-block walk in zero degree weather, but I was proud of him for actually walking the whole way. It's one of the things I love best about the new school, that we can walk there instead of drive, but when we first started two weeks ago, Anand would ask to be carried within half a block of starting out. I have steadfastly refused, reminding him that he has two perfectly good feet and that his legs are not broken. Sometimes I feel a little mean, esp. when it is quite cold, and I know he wants to huddle against me and hide his face. But mostly, I think the walking is better for him. If he keeps moving, I think that actually keeps his body warmer overall than if I'm carrying him. And also, he's three years old -- he really is capable of walking two blocks, and he isn't going to have any bits freeze and fall off in that short a time. The funniest part is that on the first day, to get him to keep walking, I had to bribe him with me making up an Angry Birds story. Did I mention that Anand is OBSESSED with Angry Birds? It's become a ritual now -- every morning, I have to make up a new and exciting Angry Birds story. Last Friday, they encountered a train and a dinosaur on the way to get their eggs back from the piggies. Today, one of the Angry Birds got sick, and a friend subbed in to take her place. Mostly, I just think it's funny that this is what gets him to make the walk every morning. Stories are powerful. :-)

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