Melbourne: St….

Melbourne: St. Kilda

We took the train out to St. Kilda, where a colony of fairy penguins have settled in the rocks. They come out around sunset; you have to peer carefully to see them. There are volunteers there with flashlights, which helps.

Sunset and bird.

The clouds were awfully dramatic that evening.

We almost missed the penguins, because I thought these were the rocks they were on. But their rocks are further out, near the end of the pier.

Boat coming in.

Dramatic silhouette.

The cuteness, it burns. About 12 inches tall at maturity, but I think this one's a baby, more like 4 inches.

Melbourne silhouette.

Karina's colleague and friend, Kee, came out to look at penguins with us.

The water was really cold, and I'd have been a bit afraid of falling in it -- but I'd still have gone out, if we'd had time. I don't know if this is something you can rent, though, or if you have to bring your own.

Girl, water, clouds.

We watched the clouds for a long time, as the sky darkened, and the city lit up. So serene.

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