Melbourne: Breakfast…

Melbourne: Breakfast with Joe @ Gypsy Hideout

Why yes, I am continuing to post my travel photos. You really don't have to keep looking. Just imagine, in the old days, you'd be trapped in the living room with my slide projector...

I made few mistakes in my eating while travelling, but I think this was one of them. Sweet-coffee-butter had no salt in it, making it over-sweet for my taste, and the bread was sort of fluffy nothing. Not my favorite.

They did have a pretty display, though. The turkish delight was especially attractive-looking. Gypsy Hideout is somewhere Joe and Karina go often, near their house.

Mmm.....this is what I should have ordered, I think.

Or this. Black rice pudding?

Nice, clean layout, with garden beyond.

Affogato - double espresso, homemade vanilla bean ice cream, honeycomb, chocolate, and honey. My god. Joe got this, and no one looked weird at him for having ice cream for breakfast. Australians are cool.

They have a host of adorable spoons here.

And I like how they served their milk in the tea cup, with a mini kettle of hot water. CUTE.

Nice color combo, Joseph!

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