I had hoped to finish…

I had hoped to finish grading papers this morning (woke up at 3:30, so had plenty of time to do the last batch), but my brain is utterly fried with election. I can't concentrate properly on previous government disasters (these papers are for my post-colonial lit class), when I am compulsively fretting about our current potential disaster. I am trying to trust Nate Silver, but it is so hard. Students, your papers will be back on Thursday; trust me when I say you wouldn't want me grading them in my current condition. I'll give you back some quizzes today, though -- quiz grading is sufficiently straightforward that I think I can handle it. Just barely. Argh.

Plan for today: grade, shower, teach, lunch, teach, VOTE!, come home and crochet afghan obsessively until the results are in.


Just sent e-mail to my students telling them they can skip class if they need the time to vote, and their grade won't be penalized. Wish I'd thought to send it earlier. This may make for slightly chaotic classes today, but will be worth it. Kavi's (public) school in Oak Park is closed for Election Day -- everything else should be too, dammit.

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  1. I agree! My kids’ elementary school is a polling place, & we have several contentious items on the ballot (besides the obvious!), so it’s going to be crazy there today. I would much rather be able to bring them to the polls with me. I think it should be a national holiday, frankly.

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