Just sent in a draft…

Just sent in a draft query to ICFA. I haven't gone in years, but I'd like to go again, and I think I've found something I could present on. Need to develop this further, but this sounds like an interesting topic, no?

"Using the recently-published anthology Breaking the Bow: The Speculative Ramayana, Nina Paley's film Sita Sings the Blues, and various Arthurian retellings, particularly Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon, as starting points, this paper will compare re-envisionings of two cultural myths / tales -- the Arthurian saga, also known as the Matter of Britain, and the Ramayana, which is both religious text and epic tale. I hope to offer a preliminary analysis of some of the differences in approach, particularly in terms of feminist retellings, between South Asian and British approaches to re-envisioning these oft-told tales. As part of the analysis, I'll discuss my own choices in rewriting Sita's story for my story, "The Princess in the Forest," which was published in Breaking the Bow."

Any thoughts welcome -- I need to develop these initial thoughts into a more substantial proposal in the next few days, and then, of course, an actual paper over winter break. :-)

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