He emerges, having…

He emerges, having conquered the mountain. Actually, the mountain conquered him. But that's okay.

Kavya climbs.

A break for a muffin. The room was loud (hissing of the air inflating thingies) and he needed to take a minute.

Look out, Kavya's right behind you...


She got you!

And again, and again. That's Ainsley in front this time.

Catherine, age 4, has no fear. My kids, on the other hand, wouldn't go near the wall.

They're all over the slides, though.

Ainsley's helping little sister Sierra up and over -- Kavi had to push Anand over this bit, which she did enthusiastically.

Otto-who-lives-next-door made it ALMOST to the top. I was very impressed.

He's sticking his tongue out a bit. He does that a lot.

Daddy helps!

Time out. This is hard work!

Gimme the ball, gimme the ball, gimme the ball!

Catherine has ALL the balls.

Our little boy is TIRED OUT.

Otto has finally lost a tooth, and wants you to know it.

The birthday boy gets to sit in a giant inflatable throne.

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