Props to my new internal…

Props to my new internal medicine doc in River Forest. Assumed I was gay (due to listing 'partner' on form), but was totally cool with it. And when she found out I was living with a guy who was the father of my kids, but that we weren't monogamous (relevant due to recommendations for frequency of Pap smears), she just rolled with it.

That's always a bit of a nervous coming-out moment -- is this doc going to be difficult? Will I have to find a new doc? And she's about a decade older than me, which can't have helped. But she was great.

And then somehow I got her on the Affordable Care Act, and she was biting her tongue to keep from ranting about her frustration with the ridiculous hoops she has to jump through with the insurance companies to provide proper care for her patients, and it was all just sunshine and roses in that office, even if I did have my feet up in the stirrups.

Also, she a) made a point of meeting me for the first time when I was still dressed in street clothes, really tactful and comfort-inducing, and b) totally took her time with that first exam; I never felt rushed at all. It felt very old-school, the way things were when my dad started practicing medicine, and doctors weren't so frantically on the insurance companies' clocks.

In other words, recommended. E-mail or message me if you want her name. (I'd post it here, but doctors tend to prefer their politics kept private, in my experience.)

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