I don’t know why I’m…

I don't know why I'm feeling so stressed. It's not the kids and Kev being away (5 days gone, 11 to go), truly. They're exasperating when they argue with me over ridiculous things, but it's manageable, and the rest of the time, they're pretty charming and sweet. I guess it's the summer ending, and the semester approaching. And I do love teaching and am starting to look forward to it again, but maybe I had over-ambitious goals for the summer.

Revise and re-structure one book (done), draft most of another (half-done), unpack everything, (mostly done), finish all the lingering house projects (not even close), clean all the things (hah!). There comes a point in every academic summer when you have to be grateful for what you've accomplished with this gift of time, and acknowledge that it won't all get done.

I'm not there yet, though. :-) I am firmly in denial, and not ready for acceptance. And I'm pretty sure I'll feel better if I can get through a chunk more of the to-do list in the next week or two; ideally a BIG chunk. So, go, me, go!

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