Mary Robinette Kowal is…

Mary Robinette Kowal is coming by to write with me today, which is good, because I completely failed to write Tues / Wed / Thurs this week, when I didn't have company. Argh. I did get a lot of work done, including writing / publishing-related work, but it wasn't writing.

Kevin leaves around 5-ish today for a bit over two weeks away; he's going to hole up and try to get some math done, sort of a Ragdale-esque escape. I think I'll be fine; Jed's coming for a visit halfway through, and the kids will be in school 5 days a week. But still, must focus on writing. I will be mad if the semester starts and I haven't finished at least one book project this summer.

Ignore the recurring to-do lists -- just trying to keep a handle on things.

  • get groceries for Sat brunch -- DONE
  • call Sarah and talk about ebook design for children's stories -- DONE
  • mail Brant autographed book -- DONE
  • drop off kids' lunches -- DONE
  • drop off skirt to Anne -- DONE
  • kill Velma -- DONE
  • cook salmon curry for Sat brunch -- DONE
  • draft new story for TSC, "Amidst the Shouting" -- in progress

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