Friends coming for…

Friends coming for playdate / brunch today; should be fun. I cooked a salmon curry last night, and have lots of berries, chips and guac and salsa, cheese and crackers, lemonade and tea to set out; trying to decide what else I should make. Chicken pad thai? Red chili eggs? Green chili-onion frittata? Sausages with bell peppers? Or do I just accept the potluck designation and trust that other people will bring plenty of other food? I am pretty much chronically incapable of doing that when hosting. Question -- when you host a potluck, do you only make one dish, or several? (In other words, am I borderline pathological on the providing-food part of hosting, or am I just being normally polite?)

  • make Pam a to-do list -- in progress


  • link bank account to Square
  • make Nonfiction Now hotel reservation


  • call Barbara on Sunday and talk about ebook design for smut stories
  • revise "Saying Hello," and send out (see what Bob thinks?)
  • do last pass revision of AP and send to Bob
  • finish first draft of TSC


  • check that all ASAM work is done and ready for start of semester
  • add Shirley as proxy in TEM
  • review syllabi, make changes
  • order books
  • make course pack (for first time -- exciting!)
  • get Kavi's school supplies (once class assigned)


  • get DesiLit blog back up
  • plan Kickstarter for DesiLit lit. journal
  • find editorial staff for lit. journal
  • stop by Eastgate and see if they want to host next rapid-fire reading


  • fertilize plants
  • make interesting tomato jam
  • finish unpacking
  • sweep and clear basement of trash
  • soften paint


  • make butterfly garland / mobile
  • finish knitting Sharmi's blanket
  • finish knitting Anand's owl sweater

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