You know, I haven’t…

You know, I haven't actually planned anything for my birthday tomorrow. I did a big blowout party for my 40th, which was awesome, but for my 41st, I'm kind of tired. Mostly, my plan for tomorrow is to try to get back to writing; I've had a hard time motivating the last few days. (On the plus side, my house is getting SUPER-organized, and my front yard is almost completely weeded and mulched). I think what I really want for my birthday is some writing motivation. And since I'm a Leo, what really works for me is praise. Lots and lots of praise. :-)

To that end, if you feel so moved, I would love it if you would post or e-mail me a line you like that I've written. Fiction, poetry, essay -- I don't care. If you don't feel like quoting something, you could just tell me which piece you liked, and/or why. If you feel super-motivated, you could write a nice review on Amazon, which might actually contribute to my being able to sell one of these books I'm trying to finish up. But posts and e-mail are also super-cool.

I've been writing for twenty years now (eep!), and I'm curious what out of everything I've written actually resonates with people, what stays with them. But mostly, I think a big accumulation of readerly praise would be an AWESOME birthday present. :-)

And then after my birthday, whenever I'm feeling low about my writing (which is, you know, every day or so), I could come back and read it again.

Oh, and if you by some chance have managed to not read anything of mine, aside from these long rambly posts, I should probably mention that lots of my fiction and poetry and essays are available for free on my webpage. Enjoy, hopefully. :-)

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  1. I have your blessings poem up in my bathroom so I can see it every morning as a reminder of what life’s really like before all the crappy stuff starts. 🙂

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