I am missing my summer…

I am missing my summer weeding. I know, it sounds nutty to say I miss weeding, and the truth is, the vegetable garden and the backyard still have more than enough weeding left to satisfy the most masochistic soul. But what I'm missing is the 5 a.m. weeding. Wait, that sounds even worse.

It was so hot this summer, I took to getting up at 5, throwing on clothes, and going outside for an hour or so of weeding. It was strangely pleasurable -- quiet and contemplative. I like having some time to myself before the family wakes up, and with Kavi starting kindergarten this fall and needing to be on the school bus by 7:24, I'm waking her up earlier and earlier now, aiming towards a 6:30 wake-up. Which means if I want time to myself, to check e-mail and have my first cup of tea and putter, I really do need to get up at 5. And I can still do that, and I will, but I can't go out and weed anymore, because it is too dark.

The days are getting shorter, and even though it's still summer and still blazingly hot, it is now too dark at 5 a.m. for weeding. It's okay -- I'll adapt. Maybe I'll become one of those people who exercises first thing in the morning, although that seems implausible. Maybe I'll try to write for an hour, before the children wake up. Maybe I will knit -- Christmas is coming, after all. It may be time to haul out the knitting again, although the 90 degree days make that hard to imagine.

It will be fine. But it won't be weeding, and I just find it so strange, that this is something I could miss.

(Pictured below, allium cernuum (I think) and allium summer beauty, in need of weeding -- to the left of the pic, you can see some weedy asiatic dayflower that I have now pulled out. I'm sure it will be back.)

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