I am still ramping up to…

I am still ramping up to being back from vacation, I think. Couldn't bring myself to actually write today, but I'm....pre-writing? Yes, let's call it that. Getting my house (and body) back in order after the chaos and slackerdom of the last month.

  • replaced plants in hanging baskets
  • bought hoses and such at Menard's
  • watched the latest Eureka
  • cleaned kitchen (sorted piles of unpacking stuff on counters, cleared sink, loaded dishwasher)
  • switched over bad sprinkler hoses for good soaker ones in part of yard
  • opened book file and looked at it (which I haven't done in a few weeks); wrote blog entry about book
  • cleared out fridge (of all sorts of old stuff, yuck)
  • watched the kids for a few hours, off and on
  • finished two books in progress, then read another one (on a McKillip kick, re-reading them, lovely)
  • exercised 22.5 minutes (20 min. walk, 2.5 min. running; intervals), first time exercising formally in a month (when I fall off the wagon, apparently I fall hard)
Tomorrow, will try to make much better progress on the e-mails, at least. Probably can't write, since the kids are home tomorrow. Swim lessons for both of them, and if we're feeling ambitious, maybe we'll take Anand to his first in-theatre movie (and Kavi's second) -- Brave isn't out yet, but I hear Madagascar 3 is pretty good. It's showing at 1:05.

And then Friday, writing. Writing writing writing, if I have to beat myself over the head with my computer to do it.

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