Yesterday was a crabby…

Yesterday was a crabby day. Anand has "slapped cheek", aka 5th disease, aka parvovirus B19 (, which is not serious and should be done with soon, but made him cranky all day yesterday. We did get a small reprieve from the cranky when we took the kids to see Madagascar 3, Kavi's second in-theatre movie and Anand's first, and it was good, but soon after we left the nice, cool theatre, he was back to being Mr. Crabbypants. Fun times.

And somehow while gardening on Wednesday, I think I must have gotten something into my eye, because the area under the eye has been swollen and aching since then. I've rinsed and rinsed, to no avail. It seems to be mildly better today, so I'm hopeful that it'll just fix itself on its own, because aside from the ache, which can be addressed with ibuprofen, it's just worrying having something wrong so close to my eye. If it doesn't get better by Monday, I'll go see my doctor. I don't like my doctor. I have a new doctor scheduled, but not 'til the end of July. So I guess I'll go see the old doctor if I have to, but I don't want to. Bah.

And then it got hot partway through the day (hot defined as 'over 78 degrees'), and I think that made me even more crabby. I think I just have to accept that if it gets hotter than 78 and I want to stay in a good mood / stay productive, I have to close all the windows and turn the AC on. I just couldn't motivate to do much of anything after it got hot yesterday -- not yardwork, not e-mail, not housework, certainly not writing. Kevin will likely not be thrilled with what that decision will do to our electricity bill, but if the alternative is me lying on the couch complaining bitterly that I'm too hot and failing to get anything done, I suspect he'll choose AC. We'll see.

It's lovely right now, and it's going to be hot later. So the plan is to get dressed, get Anand if he's awake (probably), and go do a bit of yardwork before it gets too hot. And then get kids fed and off to school by 8:30, so I have the rest of the day to write. We'll see how it goes.

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