Woke up this morning to…

Woke up this morning to find my lace had stiffened (that sounds naughtier than it is) and I was ready to paint. Fun project for 5 a.m. :-) If only all mornings could start with art...


  • water veggies -- DONE
  • water rest of yard / flowers -- DONE
  • clean house -- DONE
  • freeze strawberry ice cubes -- DONE
  • make devilled eggs -- DONE
  • assemble sandwiches: cucumber, Thai chicken salad -- DONE (by actors!)
  • put out cream cheese, pepper jelly, and crackers -- DONE
  • make tea and juice for mimosas -- DONE
  • make lace crowns -- DONE, and they are SO cute!

    1 - 5: Shakespeare!

  • after party, clean up -- DONE
  • order pizza for Sunday's party -- DONE
  • put away ladder -- DONE
  • decorate house for party -- DONE
  • start baking lemon mascarpone cake -- DONE
  • get groceries: punch fixings, basil, salad greens -- Kev doing

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