Busy weekend! There was…

Busy weekend! There was the food swap on Saturday, and then Sunday, much socializing. It turns out that our new mother's helper actually lived in our house as a baby! Her parents came by and I showed them around -- it was still a two-flat when they owned it, and it has changed mightily, more than once, since then. At some point, I need to gather all the information I have about the house and put it into a scrapbook for the next owners (hopefully at least twenty years away). Did I tell you that my agent's wife's sister and husband also used to own my house? Weirdly coincidental -- it starts to feel oddly like fate that we ended up here.

Also on Sunday, I met two acquaintances of my sister, Lena and Esala, who are hoping to buy a Victorian in Oak Park and do some renovation. Lena found my blog accidentally, looking for info on Victorian renovations in the area, and then realized that they knew my sister. Funny! Esala went to college with her, and Lena went to med school with her. Esala is Sri Lankan, interestingly enough -- they came over for a nice visit with tea and mangoes yesterday afternoon. Chat chat chat chat. Nice. I sent them home with beef and potato curry, beet curry, hopper mix, and the loan of a few renovation books. Hope their house purchase goes smoothly. Hmm...now I'm wondering how Huzefa and Fatima are doing on their house purchase -- a week ago, they were close to an agreement on a Craftsman in Naperville. Fingers crossed.

Spring break is this week --Saturday, I decided I should do something so I actually feel like I'm on vacation. Star Trek marathon! So far, I've watched Generations (which I love), and First Contact (arguably a better movie, but not quite as engaging for me), and Insurrection (totally weak, should have been a DS9 episode or two, and they would have done a better job with it). At least I finished knitting Kavi's long-delayed scarf while watching that nonsense. The scarf (which she won't wear for many months, of course) is blocking now -- is there anything as satisfying as blocking before bedtime, knowing you'll wake up to knitterly transfiguration? It was still a tiny bit damp this morning, so I didn't pull out the pins, but it looks so lovely. Next movie, Nemesis, and then Star Trek. Sometimes I wonder why we actually own DVDs, but now I am reminded. This is why.

At Blue Max cafe now, writing with Diane (from my local writing workshop). I needed to get out of the house to write, because there are too many half-done projects IN the house -- I had to clear my head a bit in order to get started on a project; hopefully once I'm going again, I'll be able to work at home and spend less on tea. :-) Much as I love the food and drink at Blue Max, it's a little pricey for daily work, especially when I have a perfectly nice house that is currently free of children.

I had an idea Friday (while having a delicious lunch with Lori) for a Victorian romance / mystery series. Very excited about it -- I suspect this is the remnant of Downtown Abbey withdrawal. Of course, ridiculous, because a) there are plenty of others in this vein out there (a friend just told me about Anne Perry's series, and I have ordered the first book), and b) I have several other books I'm supposed to write first. Still, can't stop thinking about it. Taking notes on ideas now, so I can get it out of my head (hopefully) and get back to books I'm SUPPOSED to write.

Speaking of which, nice chatting with you, back to writing now. After which, a quick run out to Luurs for pansies and soil, and then gardening in the afternoon. Perfect. (Also umpteen loads of laundry, which is less perfect, but ah well. Such is life.)

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